FAQ: Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove
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Will you be coming to other platforms besides the PC, Mac, and Linux? If so, which ones?

This is certainly our intention, or perhaps a better word at this stage would be "hope". This is why we are building in Unity. Also, building for multiple platforms is part of the reason for doing this as an indie project. That said, it will depend on how much funding we get, and on what arrangements we can make with the platform vendors. Even if we are able to bring it to other platforms, that won't be for quite awhile, as we plan on focusing on just the PC/Mac/Linux version first. This will allow us to really focus on the quality of the game and not on porting issues, and yield the best results in terms of a really fun game. In regards to which platforms, we hope to bring the game to pretty much all of them. Right now it's sort of cart-before-the-horse because we need to build a game first, but it is a VERY understandable question. We will do our very best, but at this stage we can't offer any promises. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 8:54 pm EST

How big are the vinyl figures?

ToeJam and Earl are both about 5 inches tall (Earl is slightly taller) and the ship is 6 inches tall. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

You have a lot of physical rewards. Have you accounted for shipping costs and for the work needed to package and mail everything?

The domestic shipping costs have been factored into the tier pricing structure and International shipping has added costs which vary with the weight of each tier. (So the added shipping costs you see aren't what people of other tiers see). In regards to fulfillment of the items we are working with some really excellent partners, one called Amplifier (in Austin, Texas) and another called Backer Kit. Our goal is to spend our time on the game and not on packaging and shipping. Thankfully we can be pretty hands-off. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

When will the game be done?

Simple answer: "we don't know yet". What you see in the videos is a very early prototype that was made by one engineer and one full time artist (with some part time art help) over the course of several months. We have a long ways to go. We really want to do this right, and deliver a game that is a worthy sequel, and this is our priority over doing it fast. So... it may be awhile. What does this mean in practical terms? Well, I'd guess probably somewhere between 1.5 and 2 years. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

Is this the final look of the game?

As I said in the above response, this is a very early prototype. We plan to have the character animations work from different angles (front and back walks for example) and better frame rate and we may do some more experimenting with the environment look. If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you think might be cool we'd love to hear it. Just message us via Kick Starter or via the ToeJam and Earl Facebook page. We're pretty busy at the moment but we'll get to all of the comments. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

Will you support controllers for the PC

We intend to look into that (it's on our list) and will if we can. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

Will you have 4-way split screen?

We need to do some R&D on this still, but that is also on our list of things we hope to accomplish. Last updated: Wed, Feb 25 2015 9:12 pm EST

How can I contact you?

We read all of the KickStarter messages and respond to all of them, and also respond to all of the messages on the Facebook page. You can also email Whatever@humanaturestudios.com. Feel free if you are press, or if you feel like it's something important. Otherwise please use the email channels and Greg gets LOTS of email. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 3:56 pm EST

Will the vinyl figures be made available for sale after the Kick Starter?

We're not sure about this yet, but if they are eventually made available, it won't be right away, and to whatever extent it's feasible they will have different packaging. We want to make sure that the people who have donated to the Kick Starter to get these, won't ever feel cheated, and that the vinyl figures they get feel special. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 12:25 pm EST

Why aren't you developing for multiple platforms at once? What about Xbox One, and WiiU, and PS4 or PSVita?

We absolutely plan to put this on as many consoles as we can. Hopefully all of them. When you are a big publisher, or a large developer with a fat bank account, you have very large development teams, and porting architectures that let you build for multiple systems at once. Aside from the costs, and requirements for big teams, one of the downsides of this is that you can't really adjust and play test the game as you make it. It is much harder to experiment when you're building for several platforms at once. You have to be much more cookie-cutter in your approach. Indie development is different. You build with a small team on one platform at much lower cost, and you play-test a lot. In Indie development you build for the love of it, and your priority is on making a truly great game, rather than on maximizing revenue and hitting all markets fast. Then, once you have a game you're proud of, you try to port it to as many systems as you can. We have chosen to build in Unity for just this reason. Perhaps you can start this porting process before you're totally done and before you release, if you can line up funding deals for the ports and relationships with vendors like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. And perhaps you get some 3rd party help with the ports to speed that up. Still to get the best game possible you build on one platform first until you're satisfied with the game. Usually that’s the PC. There is absolutely NO reason why people who aren't in game development should know all this. It's understandable that everyone wants the game on their specific platform as soon as possible. This is an indie project though. TJ & E fans have waited a long time for a new TJ & E game. I want to make sure we deliver a game that will be worthy of that wait. Unfortunately that will take a little time. Sorry for the wait. We are only just getting started, which is why we need the KickStarter funds. We'll work as hard and as fast as we can, and we’ll make the best game we can. That, I can promise. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 1:58 pm EST

Can we specify how the name will appear in the credits?

Yes, no worries. We are working with a great company called Backer Kit. If and when we fund, they will send out a survey that lets you specify the name you want to have in the credits. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 3:50 pm EST

Will the game be DRM Free? How about a boxed CD version?

Sorry for the unsatisfying answer but at this stage we can't say for sure about DRM. We have yet to have conversations with distribution partners like Humble Bundle or Steam or Unity and we'll need to find out what the requirements and trade-offs are. If you have specific opinions, suggestions, or requests about DRM we'd love to hear it. In regards to a boxed version, we haven't opted for that yet just so that we can simplify our lives and focus on the rewards we have (which is keeping us plenty busy). Still we'll think about it and discuss it further and as always your opinions matter, so if enough people really want that perhaps we'll try and make it happen. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 3:56 pm EST

Can we get add-ons?

I'm afraid we're not doing add-ons, at least for now. I suppose that could possibly change. It adds more complexity and creates issues of fairness with people who have already dished out money to get items before we had the add-ons. (they might have chosen to get the add-ons instead if they had been available, and hence get rightly upset). I promise we'll look more into it though. Last updated: Fri, Feb 27 2015 10:16 pm EST

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