Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

Created by Humanature Studios

Toejam and Earl is finally back! We're goin' indie, and old skool like GAME ONE, with a fun retro-comics style, and plenty of funk!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

PlayStation 4 Totally Digital Sale
18 days ago – Wed, Sep 04, 2019 at 12:28:12 AM

Hey all, just wanted to give a quick heads up that today ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is available during PlayStation 4's Totally Digital Sale for $13.99 until September 17th! Tell all your homies and spread the funk!

Steam Update Now LIVE - Consoles will begin certification soon!
22 days ago – Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 11:13:10 AM

Hey y'all! Got an update launching on Steam today. Once we are sure it's stable we will move into certification for consoles. Here are the patch notes:

Build: 1.5.8J - Steam
Always freeze presents when in elevator

Join network game has public tab first
Swap Bodies swaps difficulty as well

Fix searched presents getting stuck in midair when inventory is full
Hide the cursor on Steam
Added new settings for disabling seeing the level below

Make telephones trigger smaller
Make telephones add grace if triggered from elevator
Fix Earthlings popping back up in the air Wile Coyote style before falling off a level
Fix Earthlings getting stuck on hills for consoles

Network: Fix elves being shaken out and disappearing on clients
Fix Amped Organic Food staying in inventory
Remove Hula Girl and UFO from the good human present

Make human agro wait until broken present meter is done (prevents enemies hitting you while opening broken presents)
Fix telephones from presents making no sound
Fix Fudge Sundae present not healing
Fix XP for endless. Every time you go beyond Funklord it adds 1000XP required per rank and increases every time you prestige
Game pauses while hitting Home button on consoles

Fix invisibility paint not working against Troll and Tourist
Fix being unable to read powerhat info at Lamont
Fix Santa dropping Sushi

Prevent ever making flying present for a non-locked present (fixes unlock present number)

Fix Timely Splash achievement

Reimport the manual
Reimport text
Fix tutorial messages repeating

Extreme & Endless on Consoles, Upcoming Merch, Events, Contests and more!
27 days ago – Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 03:30:36 AM

Yo, wassup faithful Earthling fans! How y’all been? Sorry we been a bit quiet lately but rest assured we have been hard at work on a bunch of new things!

Extreme Mode & Endless Mode for Console (1.5)

It turns out getting 1,000 levels to work on consoles wasn’t as easy as it sounded... but we are very close to having these ready for release! The Switch edition needs one more round of testing before we can officially move into cert, and then PS4 and Xbox versions will follow shortly. We were able to launch these on Steam last month in a beta state since it’s the quickest and easiest to patch, and since then we’ve been able to get it fully functional by August and then switched gears over to the console versions.

We hope to have the console version out by the end of September. Thank you for your patience console homies, we promise it’s coming very soon and we hope you enjoy it! For those of you wanting to catch up to what Extreme and Endless has to offer, be sure to check out our July update:

CONTEST! Time to Win!

We have a special contest going on right now where you can win a Limited Run Games PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition! Check here for more info:

Events: PAX, TGS and TJ&E in Japan!

We’re doin’ meetings at PAX and TGS. If you are gonna be there, hit us up! We’ll bring some stickers. We’ll also be releasing the game in Japanese before the end of the year! Wow!

TJ&E Merch: Shipping costs & PC Limited Edition

WAKE UP! We’ve got another update on the Funkotron Shop! We’ve heard the feedback that the shipping costs were too high, so we decided to bite the moldy bread and offer free shipping to anywhere in the US and severely reduced the cost of shipping overseas!

In regards to the PC edition, we understand some backers' concerns that these were intended to be backer-exclusive items and we apologize for not conveying that these are only extras that we had to make to fulfill a factory minimum.

When moving into production we had to order a minimum number of units to fulfill our promises, but we only needed a certain amount to reward to our backers, we are just selling off the extra that we needed to purchase. These are not restocks of the items, and we will NEVER restock these after they have been sold out. So if you want them, make sure you put on your Hitops and move quickly, because this is the absolute last call for them!

Speaking of merch, we have finally approved the designs for the plushes and upcoming vinyl repressing of our soundtrack. Stay tuned for more info shortly. We also have a super funky jacket coming from Nerds (Nobody Ever Respects Dorks Society) Clothing.

Don’t forget we are on the Sega Genesis Mini releasing September 19th! Relive all that beautiful nostalgia when you grab one and launch the first-ever ToeJam & Earl game released in 1991!  We are gonna do some fun contests around this release! Keep an eye out!


We have a ton of upcoming announcements, possibly some new content to be added into the game before the end of the year, new merch and tons of giveaways. Huh, what? Did we say new content and new merch… uhhh maybe. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what that’s about!

Thanks again for believing in us, and helping the game sell over 101,000 copies in just 5 ½ months -- we’re on the road to break-even, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of our backers, fans, and funklords.

Let’s keep on jammin’!!!


ToeJam, Earl, Greg and everyone at HumaNature Studios.

The Big Funkotron Shop Summer Sale!
2 months ago – Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 10:18:19 PM

Hey Earthlings and Funkotronians! We wanted to make sure our funky backers had first dibs on our big Funkotron Shop Summer Sale! We’ve got some old stuff, some new stuff, all up to 55% off and once we are sold out of these items they are NEVER coming back. So fuel up your Rocket Skates and BE QUICK, you don’t wanna miss out on these!

PC Backer Box

This is it, this is your LAST CHANCE to get a PC Physical Backer Box! The box comes with a copy of the PC version of the game on disc, the soundtrack on CD, full color manual, pins, a magnet, stickers, a steam code and a soundtrack code (for those of you who prefer mp3s), all bundled in a gorgeous unique box! Stock on these are very low, so strap on your Hi-Tops and run on over and grab them!

Mugs, Rockets, Keychains, Shirts, and more!

We have taken the remaining stock on the store and promoted the Peanut Pack into the FUNKLORD PACK. This JAMMIN’ PACKED bundle comes with the last of our Rapmaster Rockets, Mugs, Keychains, Posters and includes digital downloads for the soundtrack and digital artbook all bundled into a low low price. This is your LAST CHANCE to buy most of the awesome goodies at the store. We expect all items to sell out and once they’re gone that’s it! So put on your Icarus Wings and get to flying over to our shop… is anyone else getting Deja Vu?

Best Buy, Nintendo Sale, Collector's Edition, and Funkotron Shop!
2 months ago – Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 06:37:10 PM

Best Buy Switch Release

Greetings again, all our Earthling fans! We just wanted to stop by and drop a few updates on our upcoming merch. First off, we wanted to let everyone know that our friends over at Limited Run Games have partnered with Best Buy to release a variant cover of the Switch version if you missed out on the release from their website, which had the exclusive holographic cover. 

If you already own the game and are just interested in the Best Buy variant cover you can order just the cover directly from Limited Run Games here:

Nintendo Switch Sale

Next, we wanted to let everyone know that our game is currently on sale on the Nintendo eShop for the lowest price it’s ever been! Pick up an extra copy for Switch to take on the go with you or tell a friend! If digital ain’t your thing don’t forget you can always get the physical at Best Buy as mentioned above!

Collector’s Edition

We’re excited to say that people have been receiving shipping confirmation on their Limited Run Games Collector’s Editions! Thank you all for your patience while we made this the best product it could possibly be, we hope you enjoy setting up the board with all the diorama pieces, be sure to Tweet us @toejamandearl with your funky designs! 

Funkotron Sale

We will be having a sale on on the 15th of this month! Some of the original Kickstarter items will be on sale and this will probably be your LAST CHANCE to get them, and at new low prices!

We will also be adding 2 new items to the shop our leftover PAX Promo TJ Chain T-shirt and Kickstarter Backer Boxes. Both these items will be discounted during our Summer Sale!

We currently have less than 50 TJ Chain T-shirts and less than 500 Backer Boxes and once they’re gone they aren’t coming back. So get ‘em now while they’re discounted or you may never get the chance again! Please spread the word, we don’t want anyone missing out!

Future things!

In case you missed it, we will have a vinyl reprint and plushies coming soon! We have approved designs for the vinyl so those should be on their way and we are still working on the prototypes for the plushies to make sure they are ready for release. We hope you enjoy them when they’re ready!

In the game zone of things, we just released version 1.5.0 on Steam which included Endless and Extreme! Once we get a few things ironed out we will be ready to release on consoles. Thanks console fans for your patience as we get 1.5.0 prepared and polished for y’all! 

As always you can find us: